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Hi, I’m Randy.

I’m a software consultant who provides software engineering services for start-ups, government entities, and small, medium and large businesses across the world. Some of my clients include Livepeer in New York, Skycoin in China, Ministry of Health in Jamaica, the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN), and others. I am a husband, a father, a teacher and soon to be writer. I will always be that big brother that my little sisters can come to, but my little brothers are on their own.

Anyone one who knows me very well will tell you that I am an anime and manga fan, especially One Piece. They will also tell you that I have several skills. I was once a physics, chemistry, biology and IT teacher, an athlete, a farmer, a truck mechanic, a truck driver, a computer technician, a construction worker, a window maker, a marketing manager, a farm manager, and even a rapper. This list is yet to be exhausted.

That’s basically me in a nutshell. But here’s a bit more:

Presently, I am a software engineer/software developer who specialize in consultation services in areas of blockchain and cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning/machine vision, full stack development, and problem-solving. Whatever software solutions you need, I am the guy to go to.

I possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science, along with two certificates in blockchain essentials and blockchain foundation development. I have another incomplete certificate that I don’t really talk about, which is in event management. There is an interesting story there about a controlling ex who had certain plans for me when my track and field career ended because of a devastating injury. Best I tell you the rest off the air. I brought that up because thanks to her efforts, my enrolment in the event planning course led me along the path of computer science.
Since age 11, computers have been my passion. I could always be found in the computer lab during high school. However, after graduating and unable to afford university at the time, I tried my hands at various fields, which explains the aforementioned laundry list of careers.

When the university discontinued the event planning course, I switched to computer science at the first opportunity. During the next four years, I would see myself excelling above my peers and becoming a sought-after software engineer/software developer during and after university.

I was brought on board as a consultant to STATIN in Jamaica and saved the government more than $150 million in expenditure by building two apps that increased efficiency of the HR department. My input as a software consultant to the Ministry of Health in Jamaica also helped saved thousands of lives in public hospitals across the country as well as in Kenya.

I also offered consultancy services in areas of blockchain and cryptocurrency to two companies. I created a decentralized app (DApp) on the Ethereum (Ether) platform for Livepeer in New York that was listed #1 Must Use DApp on Ether platform within the first month of launch. For Skycoin in China, I developed a blockchain wallet, DNA generation algorithm for the blockchain, and a cryptocurrency breeding algorithm.

One project I am particularly proud of is an algorithm I created that used swarm intelligence, which is an area of artificial intelligence to reduce time spent in traffic in Kingston, Jamaica.
I have made substantial contributions to the open source community at https://github.com/Randy1Burrell and will continue to do so.
So that’s all there is to know about my profession as a software consultant and software engineer/software developer. I will continue to grow and flourish in this field that I love.

When I’m not working on computer science projects and research, I can be found toiling away in my vegetable garden, spending time with my family, or watching and reading anime and manga. I try to work out more consistently, but until my son starts school soon, I’m afraid I don’t get enough sleep to find time for exercise. But exercise is definitely on the agenda.