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Randy Burrell

Computer Scientist | Software Engineer

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Who is Randy?

Randy is a computer science expert with a love for software engineering, software/web development, and problem solving.

Randy’s Passion

“You are today, the things you did or did not do yesterday.” Randy is passionate about continuous improvements. He believes that by continuously improving himself and the lives of others around him, those effects will ultimately lead to the improvement of other people’s life who has never met or heard of him. In other words, Randy lives by example of improving his and other people’s life with the hope that those people will also try to improve their own lives and others around them.

Randy’s Hobbies

On a typical day when Randy is not working on a computer science project, he can be found toiling away in his vegetable garden. Randy also enjoys playing various sports, such as football (soccer), basketball, swimming, track and field, as well as socializing with people from various backgrounds, playing dominoes, reading, watching movies and anime, and taking long naps if he gets lucky.

Things You May Not Know About Randy

Randy once had a dream of becoming a professional track and field athlete. However, this goal perished when he experienced a serious injury in 2009. He was then redirected to his original passion, which is computer science.

Randy was once considered a talented rapper by his peers and family members, who could probably best Lil Wayne; but after high school, he did not pursue that path.